US rock band Welshly Arms have made us a great playlist

‘There are six people in our band and with six people come different styles, genres, grooves etc. It’s our diversity of tastes that’s makes us Welshly Arms and we like to lean on that mix of flavors when we make our music. We have compiled a “top ten list” of what we are all currently listening to”.

Here is a link to the Spotify playlist

See the video for new single Legendary

The band play at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on September 12th 2017

Their debut EP Legendary is released on 25 August 2017 by Polydor Records.

Sit Next to Me: These guys know how to wrote a hook.

Capsized: People always say “they don’t make music like they used to.” Andrew Bird does.

Beatnik Trip: Gin just has such a freaking cool tone to her voice. Thick and delicious!

The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness: How is The National so cool? Seriously, so much awesome packed into one song.

Sour Mango: Love how far back this groove leans.

Wall Of Glass: What rock and roll is supposed to sound like.

J-Boy: The production and groove is just so infectious and lush.

It’s A Trip!: Love the guitar tones on this jam!

Miss Chew: Saxophone…enough said.

Ultralife: Love that they integrated tablas (Indian drums) into a pop song.