John E Vistic is a singer multi-instrumentalist and internationally award winning songwriter. As well as his guitar and vocal duties with The John E Vistic Rock N Roll Soundsystem, Vistic is known for his work as Creative Director of The Russian Winter show (Old Vic) and his collaborations with other artists including Crippled Black Phoenix, Emily Breeze, Way Out West and General Midi. He has an album launch party on 22nd Fri at Thunderblot in Bristol and 23rd Sat at Magic Garden in London.

John E Vistic’s new album Welcome Down the Night is produced by Tristan Longworth (Jon Allen/The Third Degree). It is a beautifully crafted album of songs about ‘love, death and the landscape of the heart’.

Recorded with a lush and sensitive dynamic utilising a wide range of instrumentation, the album features collaborations with a legendary range of artists including members of Primal Scream, Morcheeba, Jon Allen, the Marc Fordband and Rachel Stamp as well as Katey Brooks and the Vistic Rock N Roll Soundsystem.

As well as performing songs from the new album solo, Vistic has recently put together a new five piece incarnation of his band featuring Rob Norbury (Candy Darling) and Mike Crawford (Apache Dropout/The Various Sorrows) alongside longstanding Vistic Rock n Roll Soundsystem sidekicks, Guy Fowler (Bass) and Dan Clibery (Drums).

Album launch dates are confirmed as 22nd July (Bristol, Thunderbolt); 23rd July (London, Magic Garden) featuring supporting artists John Fairhurst and Oh, the Guilt (Bristol) and John Fairhurst and Katey Brooks plus the Quiet Quiet Band (London).

Rockshot Magazine had the chance to speak to John E Vistic about songs and the video from the new album

So your new solo album comes out this Friday and we’re premiering the video for the title track: Welcome Down the Night right here. What’s the song about?

Well it’s a ballad. An invitation to a lover. A dance under darkness. It’s about that confrontation with love and all its imminent dangers. Death, Fate, Fortune’s Great Wheel. The usual. With Guitars and Trumpet!

that sounds pretty heavy…

Yeah I guess so, but it’s also hopefully just a great tune! A car driving song. You know, I love all those moonlight songs of the nocturnal landscape – driving fast at night, music up loud, stars above. That sense of danger and hot blood pulsing. Cigarettes and dust. The burning earth; sex.

And the Video was directed by Scott Quinn?

Yeah he’s a great friend of ours and an enormously talented young director. We talked through a few ideas and got really inspired by David Lynch and that kind of epic quality of unknowability which Lynch does so well. Then we stayed up lots of late nights making it.


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