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Live: Ty Segall & The Muggers @ The Forum

Since his last outing in UK touring 2014 album Manipulator, Ty Segall’s fan base has grown.  The crowd tonight look fresh from a snap shot of a California beach party circa 1973.  Hip kids, stoners and surf bums ready to rock out, out of place and out of time.  Segall arrives dressed in what has become his stage uniform of oversize grey boiler suit and fearsome baby mask emphasising that this is a low key, low tech affair.  Guitarist Kyle Thomas on the other hand, had styled himself in the manner of a child’s drawing where only the orange...

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Video: Ty Segall. Emotional Mugger.

Video: Ty Segall. Emotional Mugger. (Not Work Safe..Nor For Kids) Prepare to squirm and squeal!…and we mean that.  The delirious and deranged Emotional Mugger journey continues! Let Ty Segall and his creative co-conspirator, director Matt Yoka, lead the way through the bizarre city of Los Angeles via the oh-so creepy, oh–so delightful Emotional Mugger long-form music video. Yoka has now created six videos for Ty, but this Emotional Mugger long-form (over 14 minutes) video soars to new levels of paranoiac intensity, like nothing before it! Keep the kids away from the laptop when you view it…it is sick! Ty...

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