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Live: Thomas Dolby @ Kings Place.

Thomas Dolby arrived on stage at Kings Place, London, looking like a worldly traveller with hat, jacket and satchel. The Gatsby look! After taking the applause he sat at his piano and started the soundtrack to the film The Invisible Lighthouse. A short 32 minute film he directed and appears in about the last light of Orford Ness lighthouse in Suffolk. He talks about childhood perceptions of things seeming electric, brighter and better when we are young and somehow a disappointment when we revisit when older. Narrating and accompanying himself on the baby grand, a keyboard, a Access Virus...

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Photography: Thomas Dolby @ Kings Place

Thomas Dolby gave a very intimate performance at Kings Place, London, where he narrated, played piano and sang the soundtrack to his film The Invisible Lighthouse. Here are some of the pictures from the evening. The evening was part of Jon Metcalfe’s Monomedia series where musicians play in darkness or very low light.I have never used ISO 12800 before but I had to here. Very grainy images with a little luminance, but quite sharp. The live review will be available here soon. Here is a slideshow of more...

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