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Live: Amy Macdonald & Newton Faulkner @ The Royal Albert Hall

There’s something unbelievably special about live music at the Royal Albert Hall. When you gaze at the ceiling and marvel at the tiers of seats and boxes rising up and up, you can’t help but feel a little humbled to be in the presence of such outstanding architecture. Tonight, we’re equally humbled by the presence of two outstanding artists in the form of Newton Faulkner and Amy Macdonald. Having Faulkner announced as the support for Amy’s Under Stars tour added gloss to an already very shiny product. With a brace of number one albums in the bank; the first...

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Interview: Sasha McVeigh. Different Faces Different Places.

Sasha McVeigh met Sara Jenkins at The Islington in London on a wonderfully sunny and upbeat afternoon. Sasha got to talk about how she started with Country Music, why she had her image on a billboard on main street USA and adventures in Kickstarter. Real people can have dreams and follow them too! You’ve just started your new tour in the UK, which is 25 dates around the country, how is that going? It’s going really well, a bit tired because obviously it’s a lot of traveling to different places. What’s really nice is I haven’t really been anywhere...

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Anything That’s Rock n Roll

Saving Grace