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Mark Mathews – Carrier Bags, Careers and New Music to Heal

It’s a bustling Tuesday lunchtime when I meet Mark Mathews – arguably the hardest working solo artist in the UK right now – for the first time in Camden, North London, the backdrop where Rachel Lipsitz will later take her portraits of Mark. “Over there they used to do an open mic.“ he says gesturing to a stage with an abandoned drum kit. “I’d just moved to London and I played some of my first solo shows here!“ he says with a grin. Back then it was the Oh! Bar and now The Blues Kitchen, a restaurant/bar serving up...

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Vision: Julia Jacklin’s Eastwick

Today Julia Jacklin shares a stunning live performance of her latest single Eastwick, the first single from her upcoming 7″ release, out September 15th 2017 via Transgressive Records. The live performance was captured by Sideshow Alley – an independent, music-focused filmmaking collective based in Julia’s home country, Australia. The original series records artists performing one song in one take with no fixed agenda and no rehearsal – by imposing location, time and technological restrictions this informal approach brings out a unique and honest take on each artists’ music. Julia Jacklin grew up in the Blue Mountains, NSW. As a...

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Interview: Luke Carey, Acoustic Blueprint Twist.

To prepare for my interview with singer-songwriter and ‘North London cheeky chap’ Luke Carey, I check out his website where he talks about the humble beginnings of his musical odyssey. I learn he was “named after Luke Skywalker (no joke, my brother named me and to be fair to him, you can’t pass up that opportunity!)”, that he is self-taught on the guitar and that by braving an open mic gig one night it led to him catching the music bug. His virtual persona is warm, funny and candid and en route to the meeting, I hoped his real...

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