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Live: PiL @ O2 Indigo

If you can forgive those adverts for the butter (and please do – actually they were pretty funny and they did fund new PiL music, so let’s all just get over it, shall we?), John Lydon must surely be one of the most iconic musical artists still occupying a stage. Tonight’s stage was the O2 Indigo, the second (but still significant) performance space under the East London tent. The gig was part of a tour promoting PiL’s 2015 self-released album What The World Needs Now and the scheduled stage time was 8.45pm. At 8.45pm precisely (it’s all a little...

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Live Review: Public Image Limited @ Shepherds Bush.

Shepherd’s Bush Empire is packed out with fans young and old on this Monday night as Public Image Limited take to the stage. Opening with ‘Deeper Water’, the band stampede through a set that includes the classic ‘This Is Not A Love Song’ (thrown in early), ‘Warrior’ and ‘The Body’. John Lydon is captivating yet comfortable in his role as frontman, singing from a lectern as though almost conducting the entire event as though both band and audience were his orchestra. Between songs, there’s the expected arch humour. At one point he sneers out at the crowd and yells...

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Live Review: The Selecter @ Shepherds Bush.

The Selecter is an interesting choice to support Public Image Limited at Shepherd’s Bush Empire. The obvious link is that John Lydon was first coming to prominence at the forefront of London punk in the 1970s when Coventry’s 2 Tone ska act The Selecter were also hitting the airwaves. But whilst Lydon has moved on to territories new with PiL (you won’t hear a Sex Pistols track tonight, that’s for sure), The Selecter is back with a new album that fits right into the style of their early work and sporting the classic 2 Tone look of sharp suits...

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