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Live Review: Liam Finn Mumuration @ The Lexington.

Liam Finn is a force to be reckoned with. In the first of his 4 Murmuration residency shows at the Lexington, he brings his crew of old friends, new band mates The Dream Team including his brother Elroy on drums and longtime collaborator singer Eliza Jane Barnes to create a very memorable night. Eschewing the usual support act for a ‘play’ (in reality, more of a funny idea involving Connan Mockasin as a lizardy music teacher who mistakes a male student with a blonde wig perched on his head for a female – hi-jinx ensue) in Boston ‘N Dobson...

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Interview: Liam Finn. 67 Varieties Of Cool.

Rachel Lipsitz caught up with Liam Finn ahead of his 4 week Murmuration residency at The Lexington in London beginning 1 Sept. Thirty year-old Finn plays 67 (!!!) instruments on his recently released, third album, The Nihilist. His gentle voice belies the sheer fun and dynamism of his live shows. Often adding musician friends to the mix, and building into controlled chaos, he and his musical collaborator Eliza-Jane Barnes’ shows aren’t your usual affair. Finn effortlessly loops guitar lines, plays drums, commands a theremin like you haven’t seen since Jon Spencer, and sings–culminating in a uniquely ramshackle show that...

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