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Live: The Waterboys @ Roundhouse

I’m not sure I can remember the last time I saw a band open with not one, not two, but three consecutive songs taken from an album released just a couple of weeks before. What might be deemed a fatally optimistic move for some bands, manages to work for Mike Scott and crew. The band’s latest rollicking, folk-strewn rock and roll material sweeps the audience out to the high seas inhabited by The Waterboys and contained, for a night, by the Roundhouse. Opening track Destinies Entwined is followed by Still A Freak, with the laid back murmur of November...

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Rock Media: Waterboys. November Tale.

The Waterboys evoke the spirit of their first few albums with this great song November Tale. It comes from the new album Modern Blues which was recorded in Nashville USA. Scott entered the studio intent on harnessing the rolling, spontaneous energy that fueled some of The Waterboys’ greatest albums. “I set out to make a record with an ensemble playing live, to get that performance spirit. It’s how I recorded Fisherman’s Blues.” To that end, he corralled old hands and new friends. Ralph Salmins, a mainstay on drums for the past four years, appears alongside Scott and talismanic Waterboy...

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