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Apocalyptica Plays Metallica By Four Cellos Across The UK

Apocalyptica, the Finnish band known for their cello-based take on metal and hard rock, are returning to the UK in early 2018 to continue celebrating the 20th anniversary of their debut album, Plays Metallica By Four Cellos. When the group released the LP in May 1996, the graduates of the prestigious Sibelius Academy added a new twist to the genre. Their unique, instrumental approach to some of Metallica’s biggest songs, including Enter Sandman and Master Of Puppets, paved the way for a career that’s seen the classically trained musicians release seven more studio LPs and amass sales of over...

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Keeping The Rock In Your Wedding – The Ultimate Checklist

  Music plays such a pivotal role when it comes to someone’s wedding day that it can become quite tricky to assemble the songs that matter most to you as a couple. For many people, music is something very unique and this is what can make it all the more difficult to create the perfect party vibe whilst also playing the songs that you want to hear yourselves. When it comes to rock music, there is an endless list of sub-categories that can be delved into on the search for the most incredible anthems. However, we have made your...

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Video: SHEL Enter Sandman

SHEL releases video for Enter Sandman, taken from their upcoming album Just Crazy Enough There is a great tradition of metal and rock songs being worked over by their non-metal contemporaries and the multi-instrumentalist quartet of sisters of SHEL have taken one of the most iconic 80s thrash metal songs and breathed new life into it by replacing the heavy instrumentals with haunting traditional instruments and group harmonies. The track is as disconcerting as it is beautiful. Starkly contrasting James Hetfield’s signature growl from the original, lead vocals provided by Eva Holbrook add a breathy quality to the composition. ...

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