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Live: LeeFest Presents: The Neverland @ John Darlings Farm.

LeeFest Presents: The Neverland, is a new and exciting venture for Lee Denny and his pals. Believe it or not this is the Tenth Anniversary of LeeFest, and let me tell you there have been some changes and all of them good. Gone is the total DIY ethos of previous festivals replaced by well thought out and inventively designed play areas for all ages. Take your choice from Mermaids Lagoon with its DJ booths, Rainbow Lounge and hot tubs, Skull Ridge with the small indie stage, pirates, outdoor dance area, comedy tents and 8-bit games rooms or into the...

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Festival: LeeFest 2016, The Neverland.

LeeFest presents The Neverland and wait for it at…. John Darlings Farm, (yes he, also, from Peter Pan). We are expecting  Mermaids, Lost Boys, Pirates, “Tink” Steam Punk and a wonderful immersive festival. LeeFest ran for eight years, steadily building a great reputation for finding and bringing new acts to the festival scene. Many of those acts have gone on to great things, let’s think of Mo, Years & Years, Rae Morris, Young Farthers, Childhood and London Grammar to name but a few. Last year LeeFest had a break and has come back this year, better and bigger than ever, for its 10th anniversary. The...

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Interview: Lee Denny. Adventures in Kickstarter.

With Leefest just round the corner, in fact it this weekend 12th, 13th, 14th July, we thought that a chat to Lee Denny might be in order. Leefest became the first festival to raise money via a kickstarter campaign in order to give control to the fans. The first objective for Lee (the founder of Leefest) was to hit the target of £50,000 which happened successfully back in May. This would help turn Leefest into a 5000 capacity festival that remains independent. No sponsors, no corporate investors – just run by the fans. Part of the deal for those...

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