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Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile Are Over Everything In This Great Collaboration

Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile, two of the most acclaimed and gifted songwriters of our generation have joined forces to release a collaboration as unique and unusual as their talents, in the form of a brand new album, Lotta Sea Lice. The shared chemistry is immediately apparent in the breathtaking jam of opener and first single Over Everything, with dovetailing vocal lines and intricate, shimmering guitar stylings from the pair. The lyrics play out as a rambling dialogue as they compare notes about song-writing and inspiration. It was the first song written for this project, and comes accompanied by a beautiful black and white video...

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Rock Media: Kurt Vile. Pretty Pimpin

In a great video directed by Daniel Henry and shot for the new Kurt Vile song Pretty Pimpin. Vile moves away from the drone unstructured structure of Wakin on A Pretty Daze and gives us a free flowing song that swings along and makes Kurt sound new and invigorated. Dan Henry told us that  “it was shot in LA and it was a complete blast”. We had just seen him at the Citadel festival where most of the people didn’t quite know who they were listening to but were blown away by his great afternoon slot. The new album...

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