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Feature: Taking A Family To Glastonbury Festival

While Glastonbury Festival 2016 might not have had the torrential downpours and rivers of mud the festival makes the headlines for, the festival site was certainly waterlogged leaving the festival one of the muddiest in memory. Everywhere was damp and there were very distinct types of mud, from the soothing diarrhoea-consistency mud that made it quite easy to float through, the heavy sticky stuff that was the new home to many a welly alongside the massive puddles of mud that were best to steer clear of altogether. And as my then six-month pregnant wife re-inserted her foot into a...

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Festival: Glastonbury 2017, Start Planning Those Clashes!

For those lucky enough to bag tickets to this year’s pre-furlough year Glastonbury Festival, there was a ticking clock until the end of May, when the majority of stage times are usually released each year. So while we may all have known the big and small names that would be appearing, deciding exactly who to see on each day begins now. And boy are there some major clashes! Those familiar with the festival site will appreciate just how large-scale it is. Boasting over 100 stages, it takes a good while to travel between them and find a spot to watch...

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Feature: Joseph @ Radio City Music Hall, New York.

New York based photographer Ebru Yildiz spent time with the band Joseph whose new album, I’m Alone, No Your Not is out now on ATO Records. What follows is Ebru’s photo story and a tour diary by Natalie Closner, who along with her sisters Meegan and Allie are the members of group. They have been on the road with James Bay and the bus stops at Radio City. Ebru Yildiz  “I worked with Joseph on their album artwork and press package for their new album I’m Alone, No, You’re Not. We spent almost three days together, and it was a blast. After that, I was really...

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