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The Hart Of Grant, Grant Hart Interview

Grant Hart has sadly passed away. He will always remain a great inspiration. Imelda Michalczyk met him in 2013 to talk about playing live, the new album at the time and how he approached songwriting. Grant Hart has cast an intriguing figure across the musical landscape for more than 30 years. From his early work as one half of the songwriting core of the influential US band Hüsker Dü, through Nova Mob and solo albums, Hart has created a body of work that attracts admiration and curiosity. In anticipation of the new album The Argument, due out next month, Grant...

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Live: The Waterboys @ Roundhouse

I’m not sure I can remember the last time I saw a band open with not one, not two, but three consecutive songs taken from an album released just a couple of weeks before. What might be deemed a fatally optimistic move for some bands, manages to work for Mike Scott and crew. The band’s latest rollicking, folk-strewn rock and roll material sweeps the audience out to the high seas inhabited by The Waterboys and contained, for a night, by the Roundhouse. Opening track Destinies Entwined is followed by Still A Freak, with the laid back murmur of November...

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Live: Patti Smith @ Union Chapel

The ground underfoot is dark, dank woodland and there are strange, other-worldly sounds whirling through the air, that may be ominous or might be soothing. This is the setting created by a huge video screen overhead and five musicians on one side of the stage. Leading the performance is Patti Smith, on the other side of the stage. Dressed casually in jeans and a dark jacket, her wild grey hair free around her shoulders, she still strongly conveys much of the look of her iconic punk priestess self of earlier times. However, tonight is a chance to hear her...

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Interview: Mike Watt. Take A Crow Bar To Your Head.

Mike Watt limps over to greet me with a big smile. He’s preparing for the final show of a two month tour and has a bad knee and a soundcheck to do. None of this dents his enthusiasm for sitting down to talk about his third punk opera, how literature and 500 year old painters are the best inspiration for music and why Iggy Pop is the only man to get the shirt off his back. Initially known for being part of early 80s US trio Minutemen, he almost quit music when his bandmate D Boon was tragically killed....

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Interview: Martin Stephenson. A Wholly Humble Heart.

Martin Stephenson has very much forged his own path – from 1980s major label pop credibility to conceptual musician working with a wide spectrum of artists. His consistent touring and extensive recording history has secured him an avid loyal following. Martin brought his band The Daintees back to London for a show at The Borderline on 17 December 2013. Early in the evening, after soundcheck, he sat down with me to talk about music as medicine, grappling with record companies, channelling songs from the universe and getting pulled into line by Patti Smith’s guitarist. Interview and photographs by Imelda...

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Live: Nick Cave @ Hammersmith Apollo

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds kicked off the first of a three night run at west London’s Hammersmith Apollo on 26 October 2013. Dressed in an elegant black suit, Cave paced the stage with his familiar intensity of expression. Photographers were only allowed to shoot one song which was We NO Who UR from the new album Push The Sky Away. He is such a striking and unusual performer we craved for more. Here is the whole set: Photography and Words by Imelda Michalcyzk. Imelda has her own site here:...

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