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Live Review: Joseph Arthur @ Heath Street Church.

It’s a rainy Friday night in north London and tucked away behind Hampstead tube station there is a church filling up with expectant faces and hushed voices. The congregation are not here to pray, however, but to worship the musical poetry of one Joseph Arthur. Adorned with candles and flowers, the dimly lit church swells with a reverential atmosphere. But there’s a bar downstairs in the crypt and paintings of abstract faces for sale in the entrance. The juxtaposition of rock and roll and a place of silence and prayer is a remarkably suitable one for an artist who’s...

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Interview: Joseph Arthur. The Ballad of Joseph Arthur.

Discovered by Peter Gabriel in the 1990s, Joseph Arthur’s musical pilgrimage since has seen him release ten albums, form ‘supergroups’ with high profile musicians, have his work covered by virtual household names such as Michael Stipe (REM) and Chris Martin (Coldplay) and be nominated for a Grammy. On a rainy night in north London, Joseph played a special, intimate show in an unusual church setting. Between soundcheck and showtime, Joseph took a break to talk with me about his latest album ‘The Ballad of Boogie Christ’, muse on the material dangers of creativity and let me in on some...

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