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Live: Hamilton Loomis @ 100 Club

I really like the 100 Club. I like the history that’s embedded in its DNA. I like that you can practically touch the ceiling. I like that there are tables dotted around the periphery looking less trustworthy under load than the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. I even like there being a view-sapping pillar with the conspicuity of a Brachiosaurus that resides smack bang in front of the stage. Get stuck behind that and you’re in for a fun night – it pays to arrive early. I like the music they put on and I like the punters that go there....

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Interview: Hamilton Loomis. Texas Star.

If you made a Venn Diagram that had rings with Blues, Rock, Soul, Funk, Pop and Jazz on it, there would be precious little room in the middle – but one of very few names that could occupy the space would be Hamilton Loomis. Loomis, who hails from Galveston, Texas, somehow manages to shoehorn all these genres into his music. When asked to describe his sound he even struggles himself, referring to it as a “gumbo” of styles, settling finally on: “Modern Texas soul music; definitely rooted in the blues, but more modern”. That explains it then. Loomis has...

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Anything That’s Rock n Roll

Saving Grace