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Live: Twenty One Pilots @ Portsmouth Guildhall

Creating an image around a band can be a blessing or a curse.  For Twenty One Pilots its definitely the former, with the red, black and grey of their latest album Blurryface, being carried through to everything in tonight’s show. From the backdrops, to the pre-performance lighting, the main show lighting and even the outfits and head-torches used by the road-crew.  Everything has been thought about, planned and carried out.  And that’s before we speak about the performance itself. In lesser hands it could look formulaic.  But not in this case; these boys have studied their craft and really...

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Live: Foals @ O2 Guildhall Southampton

Foals Live at Guildhall, Southampton. Sometimes its good to be reminded why we take up a pastime or career, and tonight was the night I was reminded why I took up music photography. 20 minutes in the photo pit of pure energy excitement and adrenaline thanks to an awesome encore by Foals and their enigmatic front man Yannis Philippakis. There were indications of good things from the start.  Anyone who’s ever taken pictures at a gig will have heard the words “First three songs, no flash”.  It’s pretty much the same at every event, so to be told in...

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