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Live: ‘Roadstars’ @ The Talking Heads Southampton

Wednesday 16th December saw the first of a sixteen-night tour featuring some of the finest young talent that the heavy blues-rock spectrum currently has on offer. ‘Roadstars’, sponsored by Planet Rock, landed at The Talking Heads in Southampton – and if early indications are to be trusted, it promises to be quite a ride. The tour pitches Stockport four-piece Federal Charm with Chicago born guitarist J D Simo (pronounced ‘Symo’) and eighteen-year-old six-string sensation Aaron Keylock. Each act brings something a little different to the table and the tour is billed as a triple-headliner. Until you arrive, you don’t...

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Interview: Federal Charm, Generating Headlines.

Federal Charm are a four-piece blues-edged rock band from Stockport, Greater Manchester. Both their eponymous debut album released in 2013 and the sophomore Across The Divide have received strong critical acclaim, and the band are set to commence their first headline tour later this year. I caught up with the twin guitar pairing of Nick Bowden (who is also vocalist) and Paul Bowe ahead of the final night of the current tour with Australian rockers Tracer at The Talking Heads Southampton. Whilst the band most obviously occupy the Free/Zeppelin part of the musical Venn Diagram, their influences extend some...

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Live: Tracer @ The Talking Heads, Southampton.

Tracer Live at The Talking Heads Most of the time I head out to gigs, I’ve a reasonable idea what I’m going to get – it stands to reason that you check out the stuff that would ordinarily fall under the radar. Occasionally however, it’s nice to take a punt on something a bit different. Tonight, I’m seeing Australian three-piece Tracer, a band previously unknown to me and if I’m honest, I’m primarily here because of the support, Federal Charm. Federal Charm are a band I’ve followed for a while and an interview we conducted will be on these...

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Live: Federal Charm @ The Talking Heads

Federal Charm at The Talking Heads I’ve a soft spot for The Talking Heads. It was the place where I took my first concert photograph with anything more sophisticated than a smartphone, and it’s exactly the sort of small(ish) community venue that needs to survive if emerging talent is to have someplace other than Saturday night TV in which to hone their skills. The thought of Simon Cowell and Rita Ora being the sole determining factors of what we should all be listening to is too depressing to contemplate. So, it was particularly heart-warming to see that on a...

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