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Interview: Jo Harman. Dirt On My Tongue.

Jo Harman is supremely confident. She has a recently released debut album intriguingly entitled Dirt on My Tongue which has already sent reverbs through the music industry. One of Harman’s unique traits is her ability to sing in many styles, daring to take on the traditional aspects of roots music even before the days of Blues and Soul and entering into the rarely visited territory of Gospel. The first book of favourite Gospel Songs was published 140 years ago by Philip Bliss, laying out the form of rudimentary harmonies led by a Soprano voice and accompanied by tunes which allow...

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Live Review: Madeleine Peyroux @ Cheltenham Jazz

The Cheltenham Jazz festival celebrates its 17th year, nestled on the outskirts of the Cotswold’s this majestic town provides a platform for International acts encompassing the disciplines of Jazz, Blues, Gospel and all things creative. Covered by the BBC, there is an air of musical quality about the place, accompanied by the delicious aroma of varied cuisines from the surrounding food stalls. Of course, there is the traditional West Country cider, but be warned that if you drink too much Henry Weston’s 8% Proof it invites the brain to engage the voice box and causes the average Joe to...

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Anything That’s Rock n Roll

Saving Grace