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Video: Bob Mould. Voices In My Head.

“Bob Mould made an impression on me — a sort of Pete Townshend and Richard Thompson all rolled into one, for a new era”. says Scott Devendorf from the band The National Extending a prolific run that kicked off with the 2012 release of Silver Age and intensified with 2014’s Beauty & Ruin, Bob Mould has confirmed the release of his latest album Patch The Sky, out March 25th on Merge Records. For the first preview of the album, Bob presents the video for Voices In My Head directed by Alicia J. Rose. Once again featuring his stalwart band...

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Photography: Bob Mould @ The Electric Ballroom

Bob Mould is one of my all-time favourite guitarists and performers. I was at his first solo shows in London when Workbook came out. Then (1989) he climbed to the top of the massive speakers columns and played I See A Little Light. Now he still moves around at an erratic pace and but climbing the stacks is perhaps too much. On the Silver Age tour Bob still has the gritty angst of a man with a hundred mile-an-hour thought going through his head and the trade mark jerky moves and strumming through scales playing means that it is...

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