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The Evolution of the Neo-Numan:  Gary Numan @ Brixton O2 Academy

Opening with new song, the throbbing industrial Ghost Nation from hotly anticipated album Savage, Gary Numan is joined on stage by a standard rock band set up of lead, bass guitar and drummer as well as DJ decks and synths. His voice is clear and clean against the muted beats and dirty growls.  Topping and tailing every track is an explosion of rapturous applause from fans some of whom have shadowed him on his journey to bring an album from inspiration, to studio, to stage. Savage was produced using an advanced form of crowd funding: Numan reliably attended his studio every day to write and...

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Live: The Handsome Family & Courtney Marie Andrews @ Union Chapel

Union Chapel is a cosy venue, perfect on a late winters evening.  People are bundled up in warm clothes settling onto padded seat cushions and cradling mugs of tea and cocoa in the soft coloured lighting, candle light and the kaleidoscope of the chapel’s rose window. The Handsome Family are enjoying a sell-out tour in part thanks to the support of opening act Courtney Marie Andrews.  This petite Arizonan introduces herself in a small, breathy voice reminiscent of a young Joni Mitchell or Nanci Griffiths. Just like Griffiths, when she begins to sing, all of that delicacy is replaced...

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Live: Boss Hog @ Oslo Hackney, London.

All you needed to do was to follow the cooler, older crowd straight upstairs to know where the gig was. Queuing up in all shades of black, anyone who knew the history of Boss Hog is here, representing with green hair, pink hair, long hair or no hair at all. Boss Hog are making a bit of a come back with Brood X their first full album in seventeen years due out in March, and now this show at Oslo in Hackney, London. Oslo is a gorgeous old rail house, formerly Hackney Central’s main building, it’s bare brick walls and tall round topped...

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Live: Nothing But Thieves @ Brixton Academy.

Finally Nothing But Thieves are getting their just deserts with a sold out headline show.  This band have been marked for greatness from the start, their talent has afforded them amazing opportunities and what they have lacked in experience they have made up for in fearlessness.  A lesser band may have been tempted to pause first in the hope of readiness, but this young band have been quick to take the challenges. They often admit on stage and social media how nervous and overwhelmed they are to be highlighted with radio play, to be invited to support bands like...

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Live Review: Wovenhand @The Dome, London.

Arriving onstage to a roar of excitement from the crowd, frontman David Eugene Edwards, thrusts his arms up demanding a greater noise, the crowd oblige whooping and hollering.  An exciting line-up of musicians take to the stage, when touring gentler albums this Colorado based band have represented as a three-piece band, tonight they are five men strong, intent on playing a heavy show comprising of tracks from the last three Wovenhand albums. To set the pace, a throbbing bassline and a racing beat from the drum starts The Hired Hand, from stellar new album Star Treatment.  Rich with twanging guitar...

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On this tour Lloyd Cole is only performing his classic songbook covering a period from 1983 – 1996 which comprises of hits from albums Rattlesnakes, Easy Pieces, Mainstream, Lloyd Cole and Don’t Get Weird On Me Babe.  Union Chapel is an intimate and relaxed setting perfect for an acoustic performance, with soft stage lights and the balcony lined with candles.  The audience are seated together in the church pews drinking tea and coffee (the venue still being a functioning church, no alcohol is allowed in the chapel area) it seems to add to the warmth and closeness of the...

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Exhibition: You Say You Want a Revolution? Records and Rebels 1966-1970 @V&A, London.

You Say You Want a Revolution? Records and Rebels 1966-1970 @V&A, London. The iconic music, art, political dissension, literature and design have all been features of their own exhibitions internationally.  The late 1960’s era is indisputably accepted as an historical and cultural creative uprising that forever changed how we live and express ourselves.  The power of this exhibition is in the timing and the scope with which Curator Geoffrey Marsh approaches such a self imposed narrow time frame, focusing the exhibition on the years between ‘66 and ‘70, that is everything between those times with music being the thread...

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Live Review: Thee Oh Sees @ The Coronet, London.

This San Francisco garage band have been a band in the making since 1997, at the nearly twenty year mark they are moving from cult following to essential band.  They are playing entirely by their own rules, no pretence, no political messages or life lessons to sell, they are a band who know how to have a good time. Joining them as supporting acts are ultra hip French garage rockers Magnetix.  A male and female two piece band who have had to bear a great deal of comparison to an early White Stripes, not without good reason.  Besides the...

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Caught by the River Thames @ Fulham Palace

Caught by the River is reminiscent of the early days of festivals, when they were more like gatherings at which multiple interests were represented, where fashion and showing off are abandoned in favour of relaxation, and letting it all hang out. All ages, all cultures are represented in the crowd and the offering. The local area isn’t just a backdrop, but a feature, with a special series of talks and activities given over to river hobbies and conservation. Literature and film are represented with seminars, talks and viewings in the elegant and historic Palace building. Farm stalls, Friends of...

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