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Wilko Johnson: 70th Birthday Celebrations

2017 is certainly a special year for Wilko Johnson.  Not only does it mark the 30th anniversary of the Wilko Johnson Band, but this year sees the guitarist celebrating his 70th birthday. Given the events of recent years, this celebration at the Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday 26th September is all the more meaningful: here is the death-defying Wilko Johnson leading his own party with partners in crime Norman Watt-Roy (bass), Dylan Howe (drums), family, friends and special guests. Wilko’s special guest at the Royal Albert Hall show is Dr John Cooper Clarke – poet, movie star, rock star,...

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Review: WOMAD @ 30

WOMAD AT 30 Thirty years ago, when WOMAD held its first Festival, it was 60 acts from 20 countries. In 2012 it’s 90 artists and bands from 40 countries, all packed into four days on seven main stages. It was the biggest WOMAD ever. Even so, it has lost none of its distinctive charm. Needless to say, the 37,000 people who came Charlton Park are really here to listen, to discover and explore the music – and you get the feeling that for the most part they really are great listeners – but there’s so much more to WOMAD....

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Saving Grace