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Review: Nick Lowe. Quality Street.

Nick Lowe makes a Christmas Album! It seems a far cry from I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass and the anti-establishment music of his early days. When asked by his record companies to make an album of Christmas material Nick said “It was more disquiet and alarm, accompanied by feelings of ‘Do they really think I would wish to sully my good name on this tawdry and vulgar commercialism?’” Lowe says with a laugh. “But that feeling lasted about thirty-six and a half seconds, before I came to and thought, ‘Vulgar, tawdry commercialism? Yes, please, when do we...

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Review: Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa. Seesaw.

Bop! ‘You have a cute way of flirting, makes me feel so good’ punches in the opening track “Them There Eyes”, encompassing swinging big band sounds which will be something of a listening revolution for core Joe Bonamassa fans. From the first note of “Seesaw” fronted by Beth Hart’s vocals, the album breaks from tradition, taking the listener on a challenging life journey, visiting every emotion and culminating with a harsh death by hanging. The aptly named new album opens vaults of classic Blues, Folk & Soul classics all originally made famous by other American artists going as far...

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Review: Todd Rundgren. State.

From the moment a friend showed me the gate-fold sleeve of “Something/Anything” I have been a Todd Rundgren follower. It is not always an easy journey, one moment a box of delights the next a Pandora’s box of annoyingly inane musical frustration. That is all part of the fun in Todd’s weird and wacky world. I don’t think I have ever listened to a Todd Rundgren release and liked all of the songs immediately. Some of those albums that at first I struggled with; “Initiation” “Hermit”, “Liars”, “The Individualist” and “Faithful” have become real favourites because I felt as...

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