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Review: Los Lobos. Disconnected In New York City

I saw Los Lobos at Glastonbury in 1987. This stuck in my mind because the Friday and most of Saturday had been wet but when then came on stage the sun shone from behind the corners of the pyramid and sent a warm glow over the fields. When there were only two main stages and an acoustic tent they were clearly the big draw and the whole muddy ensemble listened and rocked to How Will The Wolf Survive and La Bamba. At this time La Bamba was an international hit for the band because they had recorded the music...

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Review: Eric Johnson. Up Close-Another Look.

April 1st is globally known as April Fool’s Day, when practical jokes and hoaxes are played on friends, the story line behind the bluff sets up a stage for pranks and merriment. Consequently it is with brave commitment that Eric Johnson chooses this day as his release date for his latest album “Up Close – Another Look”, which features guest appearances from Steve Miller, Jimmie Vaughan Johnny Lang and Sonny Landreth. EJ’s sixth studio release, within an 8 year span since 2005, comprises 12 compositions (plus one live bonus track), which were originally released in the US in 2010...

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