Moon Duo’s Sanae Yamada has released Red Rider, the first song (and accompanying video) from her debut solo album as Vive Le Void.

The keyboard player’s self-titled LP, due on 4th May, strips away the guitars and psychedelia of Moon Duo to focus on an atmospheric haze of synth and vocals

“The lyrics were a way of reckoning with my own memories and also of trying to process my reactions to the human situation,” Yamada says of the album’s seven songs.

“I wanted the voice to have a kind of ghostly quality, to emerge from and recede back into the song, or to pass over it like weather. It’s one of many layers of sound, which are meant to blend together in such a way that on one listen you might hear one thing, and on another listen you might hear something else, so the music seems to change even as it stays the same.”

Written and recorded over two years, during downtime in Moon Duo’s schedule, the Vive La Void album began as late-night basement experiments and morphed into ruminations on the “changeable nature of memory and perception” and the “strange rhythms of long-term touring, constant relocation, and the accompanying stream of brief but compelling encounters”.

Explains Yamada:  “I feel like the movement of life in the sphere of consciousness is this process of trace-leaving. Wherever we go, whomever we interact with, whatever we touch, we leave and absorb these invisible traces, this residue of memory that lingers. I wanted the sonic textures of this record to explore that state of being there and not there, of something being with you but not tangible.”

The Red Rider video mirrors that sensibility. A collaboration between Yamada, experimental playwright and theatre director Tina Satter, filmmaker Nick Zeig-Owens, and costume designer Enver Chakartash, it was conceived of as “an incarnation of inner life as a physical place, and plays with the the idioms of music videos, dance, fashion, and feminine identity”.