IAMEVE has been described by the Huffington Post as “if Alice took Ziggy Stardust’s hand and followed him down the rabbit hole to a world guided by the twists and turns of ethereal and colorful vocals”. She is a singer, songwriter and storyteller who is deeply committed to the age of the heroine and awakening the balance of masculine-feminine in the universe.

Her music catapults us into another world with an unusual mix of sacred geometry and surrealism in a kaleidoscope of fantastical inspiration sparked by Geiger, Bowie, Kate Bush and Lewis Carroll, to name a few. She lists her influences as The Stars, The Moon, Anything Twinkly, Fairies, Orbs, Angels

All Seeing Eye is a song about transcending through lifetimes to find love. It is a chapter in an otherwordly fairytale called The Everything Nothing being developed by IAMEVE in an unusual fashion, mixing music, visuals, and technology.

IAMEVE, who self-directed the video for All Seeing Eye, envisions and oversees each component in this multimedia adventure.

IAMEVE is currently partnered with Vortex Immersion Dome in Los Angeles to conceptualize a show based upon The Everything Nothing in which the audience will be fully immersed in a unique 360’ multimedia experience. Elements of this show will be available in 360’ digitally for viewers online/around the globe. She describes this as, “music, art, video, storytelling – bound together to create a surreal fairytale of personal power. It’s performance art in the digital space – a collage of forms that shatters the boundaries between words, sounds, and images.”

This January at #AIShowBiz Summit IAMEVE delivered one of the world’s first live performances with a sentient being” audience member responding emotionally to her music.