BUHU is releasing the world’s first music video sitcom, Leave It To BUHU, for their previously released single, La Truth. Now we cannot confirm or deny that this is a first, some of those films used to illustrate songs on the Old Grey Whistle test might well be forerunners to this idea, but hey! they also put in subtitles on this.

What is great though, is to make a wonderful discovery of a man influenced by both Jackson Browne and Modest Mouse, who delves deep into electronic songwriting, is based in Austin, Texas and who produces emotive and tuneful work.

The song is retrospective of BUHU frontman, Jeremy Rogers’, guilt in being dishonest with his wife and the strains that keeping secrets can cause on a loving relationship.

The Leave It To BUHU music video sitcom delves further into this narrative by taking a boxing scene from an old 1940’s film, Pride Of The Bowery and using the antique footage as a vehicle to subtitle the comical and foolhardy existential meltdown that Jeremy has when he is confronted by his own demons as the consequences of his dishonesty unfold. The video is playful, heartfelt and wonderfully cheesy.

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