South African quartet Diamond Thug continue their international (or intergalactic) expansion with new song Cosmic Dreamer.

“Cosmic Dreamer speaks to the expedition of a traveller yearning to drift out of the space they occupy,” says the band. “An external force grips them, pulling them beyond the realm of their experience, giving them a taste of a new expansive, exciting and awakening orbit.

“The song describes the liberating journey of escaping one’s known world, bending the rules of gravity and breaking the bounds separating reality from surreality.”

Taken from their upcoming debut studio album and recorded at Cape Town’s Digital Forest Studios, the ethereal synth-driven anthem follows the LP’s lead single, Eclipse, and last year’s EP recorded with the help of The Replacements collaborator Dave Minehan.

The group first began taking shape in late 2012 when Danilo Queiros (bass and production) stumbled across Chantel Van T (vocals and keys) performing at a music festival. Introduced by a mutual friend, the duo performed their debut show in 2013 where Adrian Culhane (guitar, synth, backing vocals, and production) offered to join. Initially recruited as a drummer, he soon escaped the confines of the kit, leaving a gap for Ted Buxton, a university acquaintance of Queiros, to fill.

Their sound evolved over the ensuing years, and in 2017 it’s all coming together for Diamond Thug. Apart from recording their debut album and touring their home country, the group made their international debut at SXSW earlier this year.