Attention all Foo Fighters fans! The band have released  The Sky Is a Neighborhood, the second single from their upcoming Concrete And Gold album.

Following the previously released Run, this brand new music is everything Foo Fighters fans could want: soul-touching verses and their signature loud, almost dark, heart-bombing choruses.

For the accompanying video, Dave Grohl has once again put himself both in front and behind the camera, to craft one of the group’s best videos ever. Featuring two of his daughters, Harper and Violet, The Sky Is A Neighborhood sees Dave, Pat, Tay, Chris, Nate, and Rami on top of a small wooden cabin inside which Harper and Violet are seen reading a book. The kids are soon alerted to the band’s presence, hearing them playing loud from above. Things escalate quite quickly and what starts as a fairy tale soon becomes something closer to an X-Files case.

In addition to the video, Foo Fighters have another treat for fans: visit the band’s website on your phone and you can explore the sky in your own neighbourhood.

Concrete And Gold, the ninth Foo Fighters album, is out on 15th September and will be followed by a sold-out show at London’s O2 Arena on 19th September.