Tricky is back with new material in the form of The Only Way, an orchestrated song in which we hear him bare his soul, with more than a nod to his Maxinquaye era and featuring his own trademark vocals taking centre-stage over a smoke-filled melodic backdrop.

Recorded in Moscow late last year and described by Tricky himself as Hell Is Round The Corner Part 2, The Only Way is a beautifully rare glimpse into the now Berlin-based Tricky’s future, released on his own label imprint False Idols (via !K7 Music) on 9th June

He told us that “A few years ago I’d have said I ain’t doing this because it sounds like me, I always had a punk rock attitude: I don’t give a f*ck if you like Maxinquaye, I ain’t doing another Maxinquaye. Now I’m a bit more comfortable giving people what they want sometimes”.

“The Only Way” will be released on False Idols (via !K7) on 9th June.

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