Born in Santiago, Chile and currently based in Zurich, Linah Rocio‘s music is expressive and somewhat fragile – a mix of jazz, indie and pop with a spark of avant-garde. Her songs are encrypted in poetic language, mostly autobiographical – her voice touching yet strong.

The video shows a great live performance of her song Warrior Talk taken from the album of the same name at the album’s launch party at Baden‘s Royal venue in Switzerland.

The first single Kill The Monsters taken from the album Warrior Talk, was released in January 2017 on Aveline Records and it follows Linah’s journey of finding her true authentic self, stripping away the mask and killing inner demons.

Learning the piano relatively late in her musical life, Linah’s first solo performance came in 2007 after working with several bands and lending her voice out to composers, followed swiftly by first solo album All About Secrets.

She titled her album Warrior Talk because “it’s like a conversation you had with yourself, where you went through something – like a war,” Linah told us. “An inner war.”

Influenced by PJ Harvey and Joan As Policewoman (“My heroes,” she says) and bearing traces of everyone from Tori Amos to Tom Waits, Warrior Talk is an international affair, with recording taking place over five days at Zoo Studios in Bern, Switzerland (with Linah – together with Colombian Luis Cruz, her co-producer “and also my best friend” – at the controls). The vocals were laid down in Zürich, with mixing and mastering in Zürich and New York, and “special arrangements” on the track LA Or New York courtesy of multiple Latin Grammy award-winner Alvaro Alencar, who Linah describes as “my mentor during the whole process of recording the album”.

We love her style, that to us seems to be teetering somewhere on the edge between the shy and quiet, to full on impetuous recklessness.

“Before you go into battle you have to see what your surroundings are and prepare,” she declares, finally. “Warrior Talk is a talk between me and, well, everyone. Because everyone struggles.”