Katie Von Schleicher announces her debut full-length album, Shitty Hits, for release on July 28th 2017 via Full Time Hobby Records in the UK and Europe and Ba Da Bing Records in the US. Today she also shares a video for the lead single, Paranoia, which was directed by Matt Strickland.

Katie told us following about the track:

Paranoia is the first song I wrote for Shitty Hits. It’s an attempt to crystallize a feeling which would later be embodied in different forms throughout the album. Deciding to self-produce — to make this maximal and woozy sound I was dying to hear — has been as humbling as it is ecstatic. The isolation of that process isn’t unlike the isolation of anxiety or depression, or the struggle for perspective. I’m human, I get sad, I feel powerless. But learning to love the thing that can’t love you back… it’s at least worth a try.”

Katie Von Schleicher’s previous release Bleaksploitation was an “accident”- years in the making. While interning at Ba Da Bing Records, owner Ben Goldberg offered that she make a cassette for the label to release. It could be anything, demos or a live performance, but she took it a bit more seriously than Goldberg intended. The result was her first self-produced and engineered effort, a strange, hazy, pop-laden tape. Doing her own press under a pseudonym and referring to it as an “album,” Von Schleicher garnered enough attention for Bleaksploitation to see it released on vinyl in the Spring of 2016.

On her self-produced and co-engineered full-length debut, Von Schleicher strikes again on the magic that comes from her warped and uncompromising sound. Shitty Hits channels the bright, sunny radio burners of the 1970’s, songs you drive to, carefree, and songs you can cry to.

Conjuring the home recorded sound of Paul McCartney’s McCartney or Jeff Buckley’s Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk, Shitty Hits was created on a tape machine at Von Schleicher’s childhood home in Maryland. Where Bleaksploitation courted a kind of sonic nihilism, Shitty Hits shows confidence and growth. It ends in unflinching self-realisation, as Von Schleicher sings “Where is everything I hold to be true? / When you feel like you’re a door they’re knocking on / Or worse, that no one passes through / Do I hold my life? / No one’s gonna sell it back / Over my head.”

Words form the questions, answers are given in sound.

Katie Von Schleicher will be touring the UK and Europe in May as a special guest of Aldous Harding, with a London show at Omeara on 22nd May 2017. Full live dates are as follows:

20.05.17 – Paris, FR at L’Olympic Cafe
22.05.17 – London, UK at Omeara
23.05.17 – Bristol, UK at Thekla
24.05.17 – Manchester, UK at The Ruby Lounge
25.05.17 – Glasgow, UK at Broadcast
28.05.17 – Amsterdam, NL at Schellingwouderkerk
29.05.17 – Hamburg, DE at Nochtwache
30.05.17 – Berlin, DE at Auster Club

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