The rock album of summer 2017 is here.  You may as well be the one playing The Haze because you are going to hear these tracks everywhere and if you’re very lucky you’ll catch it played live.  The Haze is forth studio album from this hard rocking Leeds four piece.  Until now they have probably been best known for their breakout singles V.E.N.O.M. or Shake Off the Curse from second album Tough Love.

The rowdy, youthful energy which first brought Pulled Apart by Horses to attention has become the driving force behind a more sophisticated sound.  The foray into a more accessible rock-pop of intermediate album Blood has increased the use of structure in their songs, leaving them free to decorate them with influences from psychedelic rock, surf, punk and even a laid back, soothing trip rock.

Tracks like Hotel Motivation and Neighbourhood Witch have pop hooks and glam rock pomp that could make the most closed off introvert strut down the street shaking their attitude in Marc Bolan rock poses.  Already showing up as the stand out tracks are same titled single The Haze and  The Big What If.  With big, fat pounding beats, shredded guitars, the echoing twangs of surf rock motifs and Tom Hudson’s distinctive, tireless vocal voice which oscillates from a rasp to a harmony to scream in one bar, these songs are have foot stomping, air punching power that guarantees radio air time and sensational festival appeal.

Bringing up the rear of the album is whimsical My Evil Twin depicting a fight with the subject’s evil twin, which calls to mind the comedy in their songwriting which has been apparent from their first EP  the faux surf punk Meat Balloon which boasts the hilarious chanted lyrics, “We are so macho we are mind control!”

Touring The Haze gives audiences a chance to fully experience the infectious, raw passion which this band pump out. A perfect collection of songs a live set, at their recent London show at Scala they showcased tracks which are likely to to become the roster of singles from the album, only breaking the set up with stand out crowd pleasing favourites from their back catalogue and a particularly amplified cover of The Beatles Helter Skelter which threatened to break every ear drum in the venue.  The interplay between band members is an ever changing array moods with their sweat heavy hair flying, fingers thrashing furiously over guitar necks and sticks beaten to a bouncing/violent/skipping rhythms.  For all of their might they are still a ‘friendly’ band quick to exchange words with the audience and ensure a good time is had by all, even or especially, by those in the thick of the mosh pit.

Pulled Apart by Horses end the UK leg of tour with the following dates before taking The Haze to Europe and returning to England for the summer festival circuit:

05 Glasgow, King Tuts
06 Manchester, Sound Control
07 Newcastle, Think Tank
08 Leeds, Brudenell Social Club

Feature by Sarah Sievers