Great news Britpop fans! Following last year’s sold out inaugural Star Shaped Festival, held at North London’s Garage venue and boasting a fab line-up of The Bluetones, Republica’s Saffron, The Seahorses’ frontman Chris Helme and Shed Seven amongst others, a bigger, badder and touring line-up has been announced for this year’s multi-date festival!

 (Rock Shot)

While the Mark Morriss-led Bluetones make a Slight Return for this year’s events to help you nineties kids Cut Some Rug, they are joined by the likes of Space, Dodgy, My Life Story and the Marijne van der Vlugt-fronted  Salad for some serious sets from one of Great Britain’s shiniest musical eras.

Space’s first two albums hit the heady heights of the UK album charts back in the day when you actually had to go to a shop to buy a tape or CD (vinyl was well old-fashioned at that time) for it to count towards the charts, hit single The Ballad of Tom Jones with Catatonia’s leading lady Cerys Matthews peaking at #4 on the singles chart.

Dodgy (Simon Jay Price)

Nigel Clark of Dodgy (Simon Jay Price)

Dodgy surfaced long before Britpop was in our collective vocabulary, but it was third album Free Peace Sweet, fuelled by hit single Good Enough, that saw them bundled into the wider Britpop family.

Dodgy (Simon Jay Price)

Andy Miller of Dodgy (Simon Jay Price)

And if that wasn’t enough for you all, and let’s face it we 40-somethings can never have enough nineties nostalgia, the folks over at Star Shaped have somehow, with their mystical forces of divine magic, managed to convince this writer’s favourite Britpop band of them all to reform for the first time in some 19 years! That’s right folks, the luscious Louise Wener-led quartet Sleeper are playing this year’s events!!

Sleeper were one of the biggest female-fronted bands to rise during the Britpop era, frontwoman Louise Wener always outspoken, earning her place on the famous Trainspotting film poster-inspired image of Britpop bands by virtue of Sleeper actually appearing on the film’s soundtrack with their rendition of Blondie hit Atomic.

 (Kalpesh Patel)

Sleeper Concert Ticket (Kalpesh Patel)

This year’s Star Shaped Festival is definitely one not to be missed by anyone with a soft spot for nineties British music and particularly these six fantastic bands. Tickets are on sale now over at Hurry up kids, it’s The Sale Of The Century!

Star Shaped Festival tour dates:

Jul 29 O2 Institute, Birmingham

Aug 5 O2 Forum, London

Aug 12 O2 ABC, Glasgow

Aug 19 O2 Ritz, Manchester

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