James Edge is a studious musical maestro and a top drawer composer. The Kent-raised musician studied composition to master’s degree level under Joe Duddell (arranger for the likes of Elbow and New Order).

After moving to London and starting to gig in 2006, he formed James Edge And The Mindstep and in 2010 the debut album In The Hills, The Cities was recorded.

In December 2016 James Edge And The Mindstep release their new eleven track album Machines We Made and we are proud to premiere the song Ammonites.

Atmospheric in sound and cinematic in tone, Ammonites is one of James Edge’s rawer and more conventional songs. His gift as a narrative songwriter is on show here as he weaves an apocalyptic tale amidst the thumping bass lines and elegiac strings.

A core jazz-folk trio of Edge, double bassist Andy Waterworth and drummer Avvon Chambers  recorded the second album Machines He Made over a five day period tracking everything live and only overdubbing the backing vocals.

The songs were largely unrehearsed, with band members and additional session players mostly having not heard the pieces before. This spontaneous “hodgepodge” has resulted in some whimsical and deeply experimental music with hints of Renbourn, Graham, Drake and Martyn,

Find out more about James Edge And The Mindstep here: www.jamesedgeandthemindstep.com