Man On Fire is the single spearheading the Man On Fire EP by The Breathing Room, aka Mike Fullarton. The entire project is of his own making, written, played, recorded and produced by himself.

His teenage years were occupied busily in bands playing cafes and bars in his local town of Dundee. Such hard work paid off and a keen fanbase was established that encouraged and fuelled his passion for music and to continue writing and recording. Now taking the leap to go solo, his sound mixes genres: Indie-Folk, Americana + Blues and a tad of Scottish Folk (obviously).

Playing all the instruments himself and having fun with them, Mike has now produced a very distinctive sound. The melodies he writes are instant earworms and it is his individual use of various instruments, twisting them in and out of his compositions that makes his songwriting and musicianship incredibly unique.

The EP is available on iTunes right now and a quick synopsis of the songs follow on:

Man On Fire is a light hearted folk-tinged, mellifluous sound. His vocal is layered over guitar, synths and a sprinkling of tambourine which produces an airy and somewhat ethereal sound.

Devils and Shotguns starts defiantly and strongly adding instruments through the verse and then virtually removing them all for the chorus, only to slowly re-introduced one by one. It is a curious song writing technique, but works beautifully against his vocals.

Country Blue is heavily blues influenced – akin to something out of a Tarantino western. The track is mostly instrumental with a brief vocal that implies drinking a shot or two of hard liquor in a dusty bar at the end of the day is what is in order and perfectly acceptable.

Think you want more? A free download entitled From In I Look Out is also available from The Breathing Room soundcloud page here: