The Damned need no introduction. They were the first punk rock band from the United Kingdom to release a single, New Rose, release an album, Damned Damned Damned , and tour the United States. As well as being one of the first Punk bands, spearheading the Punk movement, along with The Sex Pistols and The Clash, they were one of the first gothic rock bands. David Vanian’s gothic costumes, drawn from Vampire legend, along with his trademark white streak, set them apart from the others.

The Grimly Fiendish band return this month with a double A side single available to stream/download now on Spotify. This release follows a hugely successful UK tour which saw them rev up 2018 by playing to over 23,000 rabid fans, including two back-to-back sold-out London shows.

The current line up of The Damned is David Vanian (Vocals), Captain Sensible (Guitar), Monty Oxy Moron (Keyboard), Pinch (Drums) and Paul Gray (Bass)

The singles, Look Left and Devil In Disguise are taken from The Damned’s forthcoming album, Evil Spirits, and perfectly represent the albums’ many shifting moods and styles. Evil Spirits will be released on April 13th via Search And Destroy/Spinefarm Records, a decade after their last studio album, So Who’s Paranoid.

Look Left is The Damned at their most epic and grandiose; a sweeping sugar-coated mind-grenade, addressing post-millennial society’s “media-induced coma” over lush vocal melodies and show tune theatrics. Written by drummer Pinch as a love song to the human race, the lush balladry holds a heavy lyrical theme within.

“While everybody’s looking left, what the hell is happening right? Tough subject matter is easier to digest when coated in honey rather than vinegar and the message in this song is so important, I couldn’t risk it being a throw away aggro punk tune that was immediately overlooked,” explains Pinch. “The future is here, and until you awaken your mind, I’ll wait for you.”

Devil In Disguise is an energetic garage-punk monster, replete with Monty Oxy Moron’s era-specific Farfisa organ, a raunchy Vanian vocal attack and classic Sensible guitar chimes. Again, written by drummer Pinch, he explains “people gravitate towards blaming individuals rather than the systems they are part of. Figureheads are only puppets. It’s the puppet masters we should be concerned about. The enemy of our enemy is our friend, apparently.”

Recorded by famed producer Tony Visconti, Evil Spirits is the result of a frantic, high-energy burst of creativity at Atomic Sound studios in Brooklyn in October of 2017, with Black Album and Strawberries era-bassist Paul Gray back in the fold.

You can catch the band live in the UK next in June when they tour as support to the Hollywood Vampires.

And at the following headline shows in August:

August 22nd Southampton, 02 Guildhall
August 23rd Holmfirth, Holmfirth Picture House
August 24th Warrington, Warrington Parr Hall
August 25th Belfast, Belsonic Festival (*main support to Still Little Fingers)

Evil Spirits will be available on digital download via Spotify and i-Tunes, on CD and 180g vinyl available to pre-order now fr0m