Electro-rock newcomers Henryetta are all about free expression and embracing one’s true self.

Fittingly that’s the theme of their debut video Bite Your Tongue, which premieres on RockShot Mag today.

The London duo told us exclusively: “‘Breathe your demons out.’ The video and song are an expression based on this action. ‘Breathe your demons out’ and land in a space that allows you to be who you actually are.

“Express who you truly are, not who you’ve been told you should be.”

It’s clearly all about being comfortable in your own skin. So their debut single combines the visceral sounds of Ten-era Pearl Jam, the wild hedonism of The New York Dolls, and the danger of The Prodigy into a sound that’s all their own.

Think huge ragged hooks, stabbing synths, and pounding drums paired with flagrantly expressionist visuals and you’ve got the typically unorthodox, yet typically undeniable, Bite Your Tongue. It’s an instant cult classic.

They promise their debut EP, due later this year, will be equally hedonistic and uncompromising. Frankly, here at RockShot Mag, we can’t wait.

Bite Your Tongue is available now: https://lnk.to/BiteYourTongue