Peter Vogelaar is a bass player & producer from Waterford, Ireland. His new album The Science Of Summer features collaborations with Deaf Joe, Katie Kim, Cat Dowling, Ken Lally, Susan O’Neill & Aisling Browne.

Peter spoke to us about the new album

I wanted to make an electronica/folktronica album, loosely conceptual, that tries to capture the energy and atmosphere of a summers day. The real obstacle was trying to give the album a continuity with all these guest vocalists who had their own personality and flavour.

I went back to a lot of the internal sounding albums that turned me onto music years ago by Nick Drake, Linda Perhacs, Sandy Denny and John Martyn – but at the same time I was soaking up a lot of producers whose sound had a particular awareness to it, producers like Gold Panda, Lapalux and Bonobo.

How and where was the album recorded?
The album was recorded at my home studio, with some elements engineered and mixed at Terminal 2 in Temple Lane Dublin as some of the guest artists are Dublin based. That’s run by James Darkin ( with whom I have a long standing relationship with. There was also some recording done at a local studio run by another friend of mine Owen Corrigan.
How did you involve the other artists?
I’ve known and been friends with most of the guest singers a long time also, usually mid-way through working on a piece of music you can imagine a particular vocalist being an interesting pairing/collaboration on it. Luckily all the artists agreed!
How did you get such a great director to do the video for Television?
I’ve been a fan of Tobias Stretch for a while, and after some research and approaching a few filmmakers I struck up a conversation with Tobias. He is a busy guy but he was very enthused about the song and after lengthy phone calls and some email tennis we settled on an idea and a story line.
Where can people buy the album?
The album is digitally released is available for streaming and download in all the usual places eg.


The video is a collaboration with Philadelphia based film maker Tobias Stretch, probably best known for his video of Radiohead‘s Weird Fishes..