Rews are a London based high energy alternative pop rock duo consisting of songstress Shauna Tohill and beat-maker Collette Williams who together are creating a genuine buzz on the London scene with the release of their debut single Can You Feel It.

Shauna has spent the last 18 months touring as guest vocalist with Snow Patrol and as bassist with American indie artist Darwin Deez and was inspired to form REWS following an inspirational artist retreat in late 2014.

She met the fantastic Collette Williams in March 2015 and they have been a match made in heaven ever since. Collette is also a hugely talented vocalist and musician and can be seen drumming in the video for Gabrielle Aplin‘s current hit single Sweet Nothing.

Originally a Pledge Music campaign the video was made and produced by John Maloney in The Music Room, New Cross, London. RockShot Magazine spoke to Shauna about the making of the video.

“Collette, John and I were really excited about the making of this video. This was the debut single for REWS and the first time to essentially capture our energy together. As the launch of REWS was via a Pledge Music Campaign – we were keen to try and ensure to work within a strict budget yet create something that would really represent what we are about and that was creative and fresh. We chatted with John about doing the video – he is my house mate and he helped me out with the initial pledge music video and I really enjoyed working with him – when John and I sat down to brain storm ideas, we came up so many ideas about what we could do until it developed into the idea that it ended up being – something really simple yet effective that reflected our musician-ship as well as the story telling within the song.

We tried a few different test – shots and decided that something movement based and focusing on lights and kaleidoscope/mirror effects would work for the musicianship and also showing the journey of the emotions that you experience when going through a break up and learning to fall in love with yourself which is what the song is all about.
John was amazing to work with – very creative, patient, experimental and works soooo hard to get the product that we ended up with! 🙂 We’re really pleased! :)”