Wonderfully dark and totally engaging Motorama have been a fantastic secret that has gradually been unwrapped from the furthest northern hemisphere (Finland and Sweden where they have been getting a dedicated following) to here in London.

Hailing from the port city of Rostov-On-Don, Southern Russia, the band were producing a Manchester-inspired, Nordic-cool sound, icy and hypnotic. Icy but not frozen, hypnotic but wide awake.

Praised by critics and audience alike, establishing themselves in many territories as something of a musical sensation, Motorama toured: continental Europe many times over, the vast and foreboding Slavic lands, Peru and Mexico, delivering each time open-hearted, exciting performances, spawning addiction in their wake.

With time, their compositions gained in clarity, lyricism and assurance: the prominent rock of their first recordings giving way to a romantic and melodic pop. The gems of this their third album Poverty will be unveiled here in the UK on March 30, following a number of European shows.