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Interview: Tony Banks. Detailed & Revealing.

It was a pleasure to interview Tony Banks on June 22nd 2015 concerning his new box set release, A Chord Too Far, covering his entire acclaimed solo career on the other side of Genesis. Just as Steve Hackett gave us last year, there were some incredibly detailed and revealing responses he gave to my questioning. Tony Banks also has a recall facility which is just as sharp as a tack and he offered rare insights into how both early and late Genesis performed together. We delve into movies, orchestral suites with no tricks of the tales!  TP:  It is incredible...

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Interview: Jon Anderson. Creating New Spirit.

On a cool English afternoon Tim Price, connected with the legendary Jon Anderson in a sunny California. We learn how a new project with violinist extraordinaire, Jean-Luc Ponty, became a Kickstarter campaign. We delve into the works of the Mahavishnu Orchestra, King Crimson and Yes and the historical content continues as two towns who helped to create history as founders of Association Football* in 1888 are discussed. We also hear about sport being the inspiration for a classic song. We may just have the answer to all those mysterious lyrics. Jon, I am calling you at your home in LA...

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Interview: Alan White. Yes Drummer.

Alan White, a 40 year mainstay of the innovative rock group Yes, took some time out of his busy New York schedule to get all transatlantic with progster questioner Tim Price. They talk about working with the famous Queen producer, roller skating with Virgin’s top dog,  the ins and outs of line-up changes and all things Plastic. Alan, I am calling you in New York from here in the Black Country, in the heartland of the UK and am conscious we only have limited time as you have to do rehearsals today for the new tour? Yes, I have...

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Interview: Steve Hackett. Past Present & Future. Part 2.

It was a pleasure to interview Steve Hackett on July 1st. His memory is as sharp as a tack and he offered insights into the roots of how some of these Genesis songs came together, citing classical influences such as Ottorino Respighi, an Italian composer who in 1899 went to Russia to be principal violinist in the Orchestra of the Imperial Theatre in St Petersburg. Steve Hackett has opened up another classic musical box. Will The Knife be played on the upcoming 2014 Genesis Revisited tour?: We did a version of the Knife with my present band recently and...

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Live: Steve Hackett. Genesis Revisted.

The Birmingham Symphony Hall is one of the best venues in the world for listening to live musical acts, it features sound boards purposely positioned and when looking upwards from the stalls the roof structure reflects like an upside down hull of a dream liner ship. This facet creates an environment for performers who are practiced in their art to deliver a sound quality which may become lost in other arena venues. Tim Price, words and Lee Millward, photography, review Steve Hackett’s Genesis Revisited. Welcome to the second round of the sell out 2013 Genesis Revisited tour by Steve...

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Interview: Jo Harman. Dirt On My Tongue.

Jo Harman is supremely confident. She has a recently released debut album intriguingly entitled Dirt on My Tongue which has already sent reverbs through the music industry. One of Harman’s unique traits is her ability to sing in many styles, daring to take on the traditional aspects of roots music even before the days of Blues and Soul and entering into the rarely visited territory of Gospel. The first book of favourite Gospel Songs was published 140 years ago by Philip Bliss, laying out the form of rudimentary harmonies led by a Soprano voice and accompanied by tunes which allow...

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Interview: Chris Barron. Spin Doctors.

A great interview with Chris Barron of the Spin Doctors,  On a  New York morning in  May. Tim Price discovers why some rock stars run away from home,  the old school tie,  why he misses Ireland and a few surprises. Paul Jones recently introduced ‘If the River was Whiskey’ on his BBC Radio 2 Blues Show, playing “Some Other Man Instead” with irony and a question mark in his voice “the Spin Doctors play blues?” but that’s your roots, that’s what you do isn’t it? Yeah, absolutely, when we started out playing the Blues Clubs in New York City...

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Review: Eric Johnson. Up Close-Another Look.

April 1st is globally known as April Fool’s Day, when practical jokes and hoaxes are played on friends, the story line behind the bluff sets up a stage for pranks and merriment. Consequently it is with brave commitment that Eric Johnson chooses this day as his release date for his latest album “Up Close – Another Look”, which features guest appearances from Steve Miller, Jimmie Vaughan Johnny Lang and Sonny Landreth. EJ’s sixth studio release, within an 8 year span since 2005, comprises 12 compositions (plus one live bonus track), which were originally released in the US in 2010...

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Photography: Tommy Emmanuel & Martin Taylor

The Colonel and the Governor came to town and dutifully sat down and played 3 hours of beautiful hypnotic guitar playing. You can also read the live review here. and the whole set here: You can also read the album review here: https://rockshot.co.uk/6444/review/ and the live review here: https://rockshot.co.uk/6649/live-review-emmanuel-taylor-the-robin-2-bilston/ Both written by Tim...

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Live Review: Emmanuel & Taylor @ The Robin 2.

In 1910 a boy was born to a family of nomadic gypsies camped outside the village of Liberchies in Belgium. By the time of his death, only 42 years later in 1952, this boy, Jean Reinhardt, had become world famous as “Django”, possibly the greatest of jazz guitarists.The Colonel and the Governor decided it was time to release Pandora’s Box and open up these old songs, not just from Django, but many more of their heroes. A capacity crowd on a Mothering Sunday saw folk queuing outside on this bitterly cold night. The doors finally opened at 7.30 p.m....

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Review: The Prog Collective

In the Hinduism grand scheme of things, Mahavishnu is an aspect of Vishnu, the Absolute which is beyond human comprehension and is beyond all attributes. The Hindu term of Mahavishnu is the “Supersoul” of all living beings in all material universes, so then, a jolly good starting point for a musical journey initiated by Billy Sherwood entitled “The Prog Collective.” The collective fields some of the greatest names in progressive rock history all in one album with guest artists from Yes, King Crimson, Asia, Gong, Alan Parsons Project, Gentle Giant, Porcupine Tree and XTC. There is also a neat...

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