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Interview: Spoon, We’ve Got Good At Making Records

It’s almost a cliche how positive Spoon’s reviews are, you could easily think their full name is Spoon 8/10. According to Metacritic, they’re the most acclaimed band of the decade. Not Radiohead, not Arcade Fire, not Kanye or Kendrick Lamar – the band that has the most positive reviews over the past 10 years is Spoon. But the Texas-based group are no studio hermits and once again they’re on the road, playing festivals and gigs across Europe, including three shows in the UK in June, before returning again in November. They were last in the UK in March playing...

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Rock Show: Rotten Hill Gang & DJ Don Letts.

On 14th January 2017 West London band Rotten Hill Gang will be playing The Forum at Tunbridge Wells with a DJ set support from the legendary Don Letts.  Amazingly it is the Forums 24th Anniversary and they have asked the RHG to play in a special gig. Their new video, Submission, has just been released and Gary said this: “The video wasn’t planned. We were rehearsing and Paul Cook and Glen Matlock came to the studio. We started jamming and came up with that straightaway. With Reds rapping over the groove. We recorded and videoed it the next day ourselves and...

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Live: Blossoms @ The Forum, London

Stockport rockers Blossoms’ story is one that truly endears them to their audience and the music industry alike. They’re young, fresh and full of energy, but with an understanding of the struggle it takes to succeed in the music business, each member having tried and failed in past musical endeavours while working other jobs to make ends meet. In a stark contrast to the plethora of manufactured bands that come and go with the seasons, it’s Blossoms’ songs that have got them where they are. As it should be. The Tom Ogden-led indie rockers played their biggest London headline...

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Live Review: L7 @The O2 Forum Kentish Town

There was a time in musical history in which angry women ruled the earth.  In the musical domain, where are all of the angry women now?  Were they pacified by Girl Power?  Did they all grow up, give in to marriage and have kids?  Are the last remaining handful all in the band Savages?  Grunge left it’s legacy implanted in mainstream music.  The charts contain legions of young male bands singing rock anthems in matching flannel and Pacific Northwest woodsman beards whose influences include Nirvana, but they have probably never heard of Tad or Mudhoney.   One glance at Instagram...

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Live: Ty Segall & The Muggers @ The Forum

Since his last outing in UK touring 2014 album Manipulator, Ty Segall’s fan base has grown.  The crowd tonight look fresh from a snap shot of a California beach party circa 1973.  Hip kids, stoners and surf bums ready to rock out, out of place and out of time.  Segall arrives dressed in what has become his stage uniform of oversize grey boiler suit and fearsome baby mask emphasising that this is a low key, low tech affair.  Guitarist Kyle Thomas on the other hand, had styled himself in the manner of a child’s drawing where only the orange...

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Live : Travis @ The Forum, Kentish Town

I think its fair to say that Fran Healy likes a guitar; I wasn’t counting but it did appear that the Travis lead singer pretty much swapped guitars every song through tonight’s performance. This is in no way a criticism, but it does demonstrate that the bands trusted reliance on a variety of stringed instruments to create their jangly breezy hooks shows no sign of abating, a fact that will have probably delighted most of tonight’s audience. And given the reaction they got, I don’t blame them for sticking with it. Whether it’s the older classics like Driftwood, or...

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Catfish and the Bottlemen @ The Forum

Llandudno-based indie rockers Catfish and the Bottlemen have had a great couple of years. From releasing debut album The Balcony in 2014 to winning British Breakthrough Act at this year’s BRIT Awards. Next month sees the launch of follow-up LP The Ride, and to road-test the material they’re out on a short tour including tonight’s Kentish Town Forum show. An early signing to Mumford & Sons’ Ben Lovett’s Communion label, their brand of raucous indie rock seems clearly fashioned after idols Arctic Monkeys. But unlike many followers, their blend of catchy hooks and heavy hitting guitars and drums made them stand...

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Live: Third Eye Blind @ The Forum

Third Eye Blind Live at The Forum. American alt. rockers Third Eye Blind returned to British shores for the first time in five years for two dates, including a headline slot at the newly rebranded O2 Forum Kentish Town, as part of a short European tour supporting their fifth studio album Dopamine, the second release on the band’s own Mega Collider Records label. Following huge success in the late nineties, with their eponymous debut album going six times platinum and spawning three hit singles, and it’s follow-up Blue achieving critical and commercial success, the band began leaving longer and...

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Live: Gaz Coombes @ The Forum

Gaz Coombes @ The Forum In the mid 90’s it was hard to ignore Supergrass.  They were everywhere from TFI Friday to TV adverts, and constantly on Radio 1, and underpinning it all was Alright, their worldwide hit from their debut album which introduced their killer sideburns and cheeky chappy tunes.  But those who stuck with the band got to know a much more complex side to their music, especially on later albums like In It For The Money and Road To Rouen.  However, the radio stations steadfastly stuck with Alright as being their only noteworthy tune.  So when...

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Photography: Grace Potter & the Nocturnals

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals at The Forum. What a show, great lights, brilliant musicianship, fun, thrills, exhibitionism. Grace Potter is already getting a massive following in the USA which started with a couple of slow burner albums but has really taken off with the 2012 album THE LION THE BEAST THE BEAT. She plays a great looking gibson flying V guitar and rockout with the best of them. Gonna be huge! Grace Potter & the Nocturnals (Photographer: Simon Jay Price) The whole set here: I used mainly a wide angle 16-35mm 2.8 ramped up to around ISO3200 and...

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Photography: The Avett Brothers @ The Forum.

The Avett Brothers from Concord, North Carolina,USA played to a packed house and showed off their new album The Carpenter. Their music has developed from down-home folk to a blend of “sad-banjo” ,as the NME call it, and “banjo-rock”, as I call it. On stage they jump around a hell of a lot. and the whole set here: Photography was mainly wide angles and prime lenses. It was heavily backlit so I ramped up the ISO to around...

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