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Live: Bilbao BBK Live 2016 – Festival Season’s Hidden Gem

For music lovers the world over, festival season is often the best opportunity to catch those elusive acts it is impossible to snap up headline show tickets to while catching the up and comers on their rise. But where some of the world’s big festivals can often leave you missing the acts you had your heart set on, there are those medium-sized affairs that are big enough to attract the heavy hitters but small enough to ensure you can leg it from stage to stage via the beer stand and catch all of the action. And amongst those BBK...

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Live Review: Ocean Colour Scene @ Shepherds Bush

Ocean Colour Scene have from time to time been labelled as ‘middle of the road’ but there is utterly no way you could see this band live and still share that view. Laura Bradley writes and photographs. The evening was split into two, one hour sets, the first including Marchin’ Already tracks, which was the album to knock Oasis off the top spot in the UK albums chart in 1997. The second set was then dedicated for the Hits, although you’d struggle to distinguish which songs weren’t considered great. Kicking the evening off with Hundred Mile High, Better Day...

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Rock Media: Steve Craddock 3rd Solo.

Album release: Travel Wild – Travel Free, by Steve Cradock Release date: 30 September Label: Proper Listen: on Steve Cradock website  Renowned guitarist Steve Cradock announces the release of his third solo album, Travel Wild – Travel Free, on Monday the 30 September through Proper Records. A founding member of the iconic Britpop band Ocean Colour Scene and guitarist for Paul Weller since 1992, the Solihull native has long been regarded as one of Britain’s most talented musicians and a part of the country’s musical heritage. The affection and knowledge for his craft amassed over the years are truly tangible on the...

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All Quiet Now:  John Renbourn.
All Quiet Now: John Renbourn.
Published On: March 27, 2015
The musician was found at his home in Hawick in the Scottish Borders on Thursday after a suspected heart attack. He was due to play a gig at The Ferry in Glasgow with fellow guitarist and inspiration Wizz Jones but sadly he did not show. John Renborn In the mid-1960's he met Continue Reading
Live: Simple Plan @ Bristol Academy
Live: Simple Plan @ Bristol Academy
Published On: March 27, 2016

 When people think about the pioneers and major influencers of pop punk, they think Blink 182, New Found Glory, Good Charlotte and rightly so. But there is another inclusion and more often than not the Canadian 5 piece Simple Plan are missed off that list. They have been around for fifteen years and have released their fifth and most Continue Reading

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