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The Veils @ KOKO, London

The Veils @ KOKO, London The lights dim, before Finn Andrews even takes to the stage his presence is palpable. As The Veils make their appearance, the atmosphere is charged and the rising anticipation in the crowd can be felt. The hunger of the crowd is juxtaposed by the bands cool calm assurance as the opening song fills Koko like a thick heavy smoke. If you’ve heard Axolotl on their latest release, then you can appreciate how Andrews so cleverly commands hearers’ attention, enveloping us within minutes into his world, right alongside him.  This show feels incredibly personal, as though we have been invited not so much to see...

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Live: Sunset Sons @ Koko

Surf and snow bums beware, if you’re hanging out playing some live shows in your local bar, you could just end up in a mega explosive rock band. That’s the dream right? And for Hossegor, France-based Anglo-Australian four-piece Sunset Sons, it just became a reality. The story is one you couldn’t make up. Guy walks into a surf bar (the guy in this story was drummer Jed Laidlaw), catches dishwasher singing (dishwasher = frontman Rory Williams), the pair get chatting and decide to head to the trendy Espace Killy ski area, which encompasses the resorts of Tignes & Val...

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Live Review: Hinds @ KOKO Camden

Live: Hinds @ KOKO Camden They can’t sing, can barely play, and their debut album Leave Me Alone sounds like it was recorded down a phone line. And yet, Madrid based all female four-piece Hinds, are currently darlings of the mainstream music press and were nominated in the ‘Best New Artist’ category in the 2016 NME Awards. Still, if questionable technical merit and lo-fi albums were a barrier to entry, The Sex Pistols and their ilk couldn’t have given the music industry a much needed kick up the arse in the late 70s and I think we’re all in...

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Live: Edgar Winter Band @ Koko, London.

Edgar Winter Live at Koko in London. In the early 1970s there were several bands and musicians from North America that were bought to the attention of British music lovers by Radio Luxembourg and a television show called The Old Grey Whistle Test. Along with artists like Todd Rundgren, Joe Walsh and Frank Zappa there stood out an album, initially for its striking cover but later for its content, called They Only Come Out At Night by The Edgar Winter Group. I don’t think you were considered cool if you did not have this or one of the preceding...

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Live: The Drums @ Koko

There was a lot of hype surrounding The Drums a few years ago, but having watched them tonight they are the epitome of New York cool. Even the way they interact on stage has a certain something about it. Frontman Jonny Pierce, every inch the extrovert dressed in a sparkling palm tree jacket, dashing around the stage on new batteries, whilst his bandmate Jacob Graham plays a more sedate role, occasionally breaking into ballet like hand movements, almost as a calming antidote to Jonny’s energy. And then coupled with that is the paradoxical music; upbeat melodies which overlay the...

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LIve: Afghan Whigs @ Koko.

After a recording break of some 16 years, the Ohioan men of Afghan Whigs returned with their 7th studio album Do to the Beast in 2014, quickly followed by the 21st anniversary remastered reissue of their major-label debut, Gentlemen. Being one of few non-Pacific North-western acts signed to Seattle-based indie label Sub Pop in the late 1980’s, Afghan Whigs became synonymous with Grunge after touring with pioneers Mudhoney but they always brought a unique blend of influences to their sound with their frontman often sporting a crisp suit on stage to counter the plaid shirt and jeans look of that counter culture movement. Following North...

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LIve: Chrissie Hynde @ Koko

Chrissie Hynde takes to the stage of London’s Koko to bring us a pre-Christmas blast of old hits and new songs, from her first solo album, Stockholm. Strikingly, she has retained the look, demeanor and attitude that has characterised her position at the helm of the The Pretenders since the late 1970s. But more striking still is the distinctive and recognisable voice that rings out on tracks including Kid, Don’t Get Me Wrong and Talk Of The Town. There’s a fair number of new tracks rolled out tonight, such as Sweet Nuthin’, Dark Sunglasses and You Or No One...

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Photography: Wilko Johnson @ Koko, London

Where do you start with a story like Wilko Johnson’s? On his farewell tour, not because of retirement but because he is going to die from inoperable pancreatic cancer, he gave his all over two hours of blistering guitar. There was no set list just a journey through his life from Dr Feelgood, Blockheads, Solid Senders to the trio he has with Norman Watt-Roy and Dylan Howe where a nod of the head or the start of a duck walk would denote the song. I hope the photos do the talking as well as the music. Here is the...

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Live Review: Wilko Johnson @ Koko.

I had been feeling somewhat strange about this gig, my last chance to see Wilco Johnson while also wrestling with my guilt at why I hadn’t seen him live for more than 20 plus years ,a bit like an old friend you had lost touch with but sadly this really was a farewell tour. I needn’t have worried, arriving somewhat late to the KoKo the place was packed, all waiting in anticipation of the great man, and how would he be? Would he talk about it? No, as this is a man of dignity and for once an artist...

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