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Andy Sampson

Although I’ve come to music photography later than some, it happens to combine 2 of my favourite things, music and photography. Having been to a lot of gigs over the years I’d always been been in the crowd (often behind the tall bloke that arrives with 5 minutes to go!). So when fate gave me the chance to take things to a different level in 2014 I grasped the nettle and started taking pictures at local events, and as a house photographer at KOKO in Camden. Since then I’ve continued to shoot for KOKO and have also been building up my portfolio at venues like The Garage, The Borderline and the Jazz Cafe. My first photoshoot for RockShot was in May 2015 when I got to cover the amazing Beth Hart at the Barbican, and since then i’ve been lucky enough to cover some amazing acts at both small venues like St Pancras Church, and festivals like Blissfields.

Ariel Majtas

Ariel, internationally published photographer, who is representing a new wave of Polish artist photographers. He was born and raised in Lomza small town in North-East Poland and currently lives in London, UK. Ariel is mainly shooting music, reportage, portraits, editorial and events.

Belle Piec

Passionately capturing live music for 20 years, first with film now with digital. Capturing the atmosphere which surrounds live music, as well as the bands is sublime. The fans, venues, festivals, decor, magic moments that stay with us forever is what it's all about. Nick Cave dedicating 2 songs to me at Latitude in 2008 didn't hurt either!

Craig Scott

London-based journalist, still calls himself a Geordie, loves music, hates leftovers.

Ebru Yildiz

Ebru Yildiz is a portrait and music photographer based in Brooklyn, New York.

Edyta K

Music addicted, heavy coffee drinker, photographer. Always on the road, wherever music plays.

Gunnar Mallon

Growing up in a family of musicians, live music has been my passion since a young age. Being able to combine this with my love for photography is a dream come true. When I’m not in the High Arctic for work, you will find me roaming the North's concert venues.

Helen Fairhurst

I'm Helen. Currently resident in SW England. Often found walking the coast and hills, sitting in coffee shops, taking in some culture or going to concerts. Serial WOMAD attendee.


I'm a photographer and writer with a passion for live music. I've been dancing wildly at gigs for as long as I can remember and since the beginning of 2008 I've been taking photographs and writing about gigs, too. My photographs have been featured in a diverse range of places – I started out shooting for punk fanzines and local newspapers and then had my work featured in CD/promotional artwork for bands and in music magazines and national newspapers. I also shoot for top London music agency Retna/Photoshot. Outside of music photography/writing, I'm learning to perform tribal fusion belly dance and to speak French. Not usually at the same time. I'm also still looking for the meaning of life (but I hear that's a slow burn). I've lived in London for quite a few years, mainly because of the wonderful range of live music here and because there are lots of artists I still wish to see through my camera lens...

Kalpesh Patel

I’m a London-based photographer and writer specialising in live music photography, portraits and concert reviews. I also love travel photography and snowboarding, so have managed to damage a fair amount of equipment trying to shoot while boarding or hanging off cliffs! I shoot gigs as often as I can, I drink coffee every day.


I am blessed to work in a field that lets me combine two great passions of mine- photography and music. In the five years I have worked as a photographer I've been to 15 music festivals around the world. My favourite festival was Hop Farm 2011 My favourite artists- Bob Dylan, Frank Turner, David Bowie and Elvis My favourite bands- The Beatles, Blur, The Black Crowes and Alabama Shakes Camera- Canon 650d

Lauren Patel

I have lived in and loved London for the last twelve years, and the city continues to provide me with endless opportunities to explore my interest in live music and photography. I love going to gigs, coffee and ice-cream.

Michael Eden


Nicholas Pollard

I am a freelance music journalist from Portsmouth, who is guiltlessly addicted to live rock shows and festivals in the southern half of England, and subsequently writing about. With what little time I have spare, I enjoy making a racket of my own, as a drummer. It is a wonder that I can still hear much.

Nicola Greenbrook

I’m Nicola. Blogger. Fashion devotee. Style enthusiast. Music Lover. Foo Fighter. Runner. Dreamer. Welcome to Material Whirl.

Polly Cantle

Rachel Lipsitz

When Rachel isn't hanging out with her British Blue cat, Bear, she likes to find the the best frozen yogurt and Mexican food in London, not giving up hope that the UK can still get these things right (and writing run-on sentences).


Sarah Sievers

Sarah is an American transplant in London, a screen and comedy writer and occasional producer. She was first introduced to the joy of music when her Grandma bought her a copy of Combat Rock by The Clash. Sarah has wildly eclectic taste but a special interest in alt rock and alt country.

Shirley Ann

Simon Jay

Photographer, Website Designer, Editor of RockShot Mag, Father, Husband, Mountain Biker. Loves Todd Rundgren, Small Record Labels, Nice PRs, White Denim, Great Photography.

Simon Partington

Simon Reed

I am a music, event and portrait photographer, shooting pictures mainly in London and on the South coast. I tend to like bands with guitars - they move about more. When I'm not photographing music, I write about it and sometimes conduct the odd interview. Also in occasional spare moments, I control air traffic and walk Zebedee and Florence, the springerdoodles.



Tim Price




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Interview: Dar Williams. A Witness And A Mechanic.
Interview: Dar Williams. A Witness And A Mechanic.
Published On: March 24, 2014
Dar Williams casts her eye over the plush scarlet sofa and mirrored walls of the bar at the back of Bush Hall, where we’re to do our interview and photographs. “It’s kind of Electric Ladyland!” she chuckles, as we sit down to discuss her latest tour of the UK - which has sold out, even without a new album Continue Reading

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