With Leefest just round the corner, in fact it this weekend 12th, 13th, 14th July, we thought that a chat to Lee Denny might be in order.

Leefest became the first festival to raise money via a kickstarter campaign in order to give control to the fans. The first objective for Lee (the founder of Leefest) was to hit the target of £50,000 which happened successfully back in May.

LeeFest 2011

This would help turn Leefest into a 5000 capacity festival that remains independent. No sponsors, no corporate investors – just run by the fans.

Part of the deal for those who pledged money  is to be a  member of the Campfire Cabinet, the name for the Leefest board of directors. Find out a little more about the Kickstarter campaign here.

What happens next, now that the  target is reached?

First we need to ensure that the 2013 festival is the best ever. The money raised is to help us expand the festival from 2014 onwards. Around September time we will start planning it and getting The Campfire Cabinet properly set up to give everyone that pledged creative input into the future festivals.

£50,000 was needed to secure the future of the festival is this a realistic amount, it sounds a small number?

We’ve managed to grow the festival from nothing to where it is now with absolutely no capital – we are masters of making a little go a long way. It isn’t to pay for the actaul events – they cost huge amounts more but are covered by ticket sales – it is to cover the costs of longer term investments such as a new site or modifications to our existing one.
Will future years require fundraising?

Hopefully not – we’re confident that we can use this money to set up a sustainable financial model for the event, meaning that it will be able to fund itself in future years.

We know it has been tough setting up the Kickstarter and organising the festival simulatiously and things are al ittle behind so when will the fans get the rewards for the pledges?

Postcards and T-Shirts are currently in production – we should have them both to you by the first week of July (in time for LeeFest 2013)!

Albums and Posters are taking a little while longer than expected to produce – we want to make sure that they are both perfect so are expecting to have them to you in early August.

Gig in the Garden – we are still waiting to confirm an exact date for this, we are trying to pull in some exciting favours so its hanging on that a bit – we will keep you updated though!

Dutch Uncles @ LeeFest 2011 (Simon Jay Price)

Dutch Uncles @ LeeFest 2011 (Simon Jay Price)

Rockshot has become a member of the Campfire Cabinet and we will let you know how our adventures in kickstarter go.

This years line-up includes Noisettes, Delphic, London Grammar, Stanton Warriors, Other Tribe, The Skints, Lulu James, Clean Bandit (Leefest) festival favorites Public Service Broadcasting and King Charles to name a few.

Leefest is held at Highhams Hill Farm, Biggin Hill, Near Westerham and is very easy to get to from Bromley, Croydon, London and surrounding villages.