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Vision: Gurr, #1985.

Vision: Gurr, #1985.

When two best friends start a band, songs get filled with inside jokes. Released last October, Gurr’s debut full-length In My Head took the listener on a journey of Andreya Casablanca and Laura Lee‘s friendship, their life, and a step further into their own world.

Having met in an American Studies class in Berlin, and after spending time in the US together, the US West coast sound was an obvious influence on their music, but Andreya and Laura draw from a wide set of pop culture references and personal experiences for their debut album

Andreya Casablanca told Rockshot Magazine that “#1985 is supposed to be the Sex Beat song on the album. Laura was listening to Gun Club a lot when we recorded the album so that influenced the bass and drum recordings. The song is inspired by a lot of the characters we see in Berlin’s nightlife, people who live in this fantasy Rock’n’Roll world and use a lot of ridiculous hashtags.

The video stars our good friend and artist Andi. He’s a great artist who studies at UdK Berlin who developed this fun instagram and snapchat persona where he pretends to be someone he’s not. We feel like right now, as an artist or musician, your image on social media is almost as important as your actual work. So the video is really about this struggle – and making fun of our obsession with social media as well.”

They call their sound First Wave Gurrlcore, and with a slight and acknowledging nod to riot girl culture, they pair straightforward garage rock tunes with more psychedelic and wave elements, explains singer Andreya Casablanca. “Musically we were more influenced by bands like Echo & The Bunnymen and the B52s

European Dates
28th March – Boston Music Room, London, UK
29th March – Guilvers, Manchester; UK
30th March – The Louisana, Bristol; UK
7th April – Motel Mozaique Festival, Netherlands
8th April – Zwolle, Heldon, Netherlands

The Great Escape
18th May at The Great Escape, Brighton UK

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