Three Ministry of Sound DJs and radio presenters completed a cost-conscious and super-cool challenge this week. Armed with a budget of just £20 each, they shopped for vinyl in Oxfam shops. The tunes selected will be streamed in three poverty-busting live mixes this Friday 15 January from 5pm on the Ministry of Sound LIVE app and website.

All the money raised from vinyl sales at Oxfam helps fight extreme poverty and suffering across the globe.

Lloyd Spring, Programme Controller for Ministry of Sound LIVE, said: “As January is the month of empty pockets, we thought it would be a great chance for our presenters Arielle Free, Mike Wooller and Goldierocks to take part in a money-saving challenge with a twist. Armed with just £20 and an in-depth knowledge of music, each presenter browsed an Oxfam shop’s music selection to piece together three unique 20-minute sets that will go out live via the free Ministry of Sound LIVE app and website this Friday from 5pm.”

Arielle Free selected her records at the Olney Oxfam Shop. Mike Wooller splashed the cash at Ealing Oxfam Music Shop. While Goldierocks blew her budget at the famous Dalston Oxfam Books and Music Shop.

 Ministry of Sound DJ shows off her vinyl haul from the Oxfam Olney store. This week (beginning 11/01/16) Ministry of Sound DJs Arielle Free, Mike Woller & Goldierocks are visiting three Oxfam stores with £20 each. Their aim is to search through the amazing selection of vinyl on offer in our shops and put together a poverty-busting radio show this Friday.

Arielle choosing her records at the Olney Oxfam Shop one of which happens to be by the late, great David Bowie.

Lloyd Spring explained the appeal: “Music shopping nowadays is often done online and offers no surprise. But in charity shops, you can have a great time discovering music and artists you haven’t come across before, for a fraction of the cost. Of course, it’s also a bonus that the money’s going to a great cause and doing good.”

All three presenters are enthusiastic Oxfam shoppers. Arielle Free, who visited the Oxfam Olney Shop said: “It’s funny, from the outside the shop looks small and dainty but inside it has such a huge record collection. I came away with 13 vinyls for £17, and that was only after sifting through for an hour.

“I’m a real vinyl junkie and don’t enjoy paying huge prices for it. I’ve always been the person that looks for gems and a bit of history. I like the idea of others having the records before me. I’m happy to be involved with Oxfam and show the love because of everything it does.”

Mike Wooller said: “I’ve always loved collecting vinyl, so it’s always really exciting to see what gems I can find among the shelves.”

Goldierocks saw Oxfam’s work first-hand in 2013, when she travelled to Jordan with the charity to visit the huge Zaatari refugee camp where hundreds of thousands of Syrians now live.

Talking about the £20 challenge, Goldierocks said: “As a longstanding supporter of Oxfam, nothing excites me more than having a good rummage and discovering great music for a bargain. Banging tunes AND ending poverty can only be a good thing!”

Fee Gilfeather, Oxfam Trading’s Head of Marketing said: “Oxfam shops are treasure chests of rare and eclectic vinyl. We are delighted the Ministry of Sound DJs found loads of good tunes that will give pleasure to thousands of listeners when they are mixed live this Friday. Oxfam thanks the Ministry of Sound team and every single person that donates music to Oxfam and buys it from our shops. Supporters are raising absolutely life-changing cash for people facing poverty and suffering terribly across the globe. Big shout out to the Ministry of Sound crew!”